Are you prepared for your trip along the Road to Hana?


Hana picnic lunchOnce on the Hana Highway, there’s very little in the way of a full meal.  This is why we offer everything you need for your adventure to Hana and beyond!

Kuau Store is literally your last stop to grab a full meal with snacks before hitting the Road to Hana.  We have fresh food, delicious snacks, and everything you need to stay refreshed on your trip.  We also have ample parking, which is handy when Paia Town spots are lacking.

Drive a mile past Paia Town towards Hana, and stop in for:

  • Gourmet coffees
  • A full deli
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Road to Hana CD guides
  • And anything else you might need!

We look forward to sharing our aloha with you!

As you drive down Hana Highway towards Hana (East), we’re on your right side next to the surfboard fence!  701 Hana Highway, Paia Town, Maui, Hawaii.

Kuau Store